Green Initiatives

We Turn Used Tires into New Roadways!!


Fact:   IPR, Ltd is one of the largest recycler of used tires in New Mexico. Over the last year we’ve kept many tires out of landfills by recycling them as part of our rubberized emulsion in Slurry Seal. Tires into quarters, pulverize them, use a magnet to remove the steel belts, and then grind the pieces to the consistency of talcum powder. Mixed into liquid asphalt, the resulting rubberized Slurry Seal looks great and lasts even longer than conventional asphalt roadways. Currently, in the largest recycled rubber project in the U.S., the City of Albuquerque, City of Roswell, City of Santa Fe, City of Artesia, City of Carlsbad, City of Las Cruces, Eddy County and Bernalillo County are using our recycled rubberized Slurry Seal in their city streets. Its just one more way we get more miles out of a set of radials.



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