What To Do ??

Deciding “what to do” is probably the single toughest part of any pavement maintenance project. You might be unfamiliar with the processes, terminologies and costs associated with paving or pavement maintenance work. This can lead to confusion, frustration and uncertainty about what to do and exactly how to proceed. Even if you have some experience with pavement projects, it’s likely that you’ll have a difficult
time sorting through the different recommendations that you are likely to receive from the contractors you engage. Too often this complexity can lead to substantial delays in the project or, in some cases, to giving up on the project.

But Don’t Delay !!

Any time a repair or maintenance is deferred you run the risk of transforming a simple or modest project into a far more costly and time-consuming one. That’s because (unlike wine), asphalt pavements do not get better with age.

The effects of weather, traffic and sunlight conspire to break down a pavement over time, so simply shelving a project until “later” will only increase the chance that the solution will be more involved, more expensive, and more inconvenient.

Your goal as you begin the work to extend the life of your pavement investment should be to simplify the process from beginning to end. Not only will that make the work easier, it will result in the proper maintenance option, performed at the appropriate time, IPR, Ltd will offer a cost-effective solution to your pavement repair.

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