Onsite Work

We guarantee our trained, professional crews:

While every IPR, Ltd repair and resurfacing project is different, we can guarantee that our trained, professional crews arrive on your site promptly, work cleanly and finish on time, every time.

Traffic Management

We cone and barricade the job site with traffic management controls to guide traffic, protect the public and ensure the safety of tenants and adjacent areas.

Site Preparation

We power clean the entire surface until it is free of dirt, water, weeds and debris.


If needed, we excavate, remove and recycle from the site all base material.

Crack Sealing:

If needed we route cracks and seal using Hot Rubberized Crack sealer that is machine applied.


To protect against moisture intrusion and weathering we’ll lay a sealcoat as a surface coating.

Slurry Seal:

 Correct moderate-to-severe ravelling, oxidation and loss of matrix, and improve skid resistance. Type III corrects severe surface conditions — preventing hydroplaning and providing skid resistance under very heavy traffic loads.

Micro Slurry Seal:

Micro Surfacing is a polymer-modified cold-mix paving system that can remedy a broad range of problems on today’s streets, highways, and airfields.


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