Pre-Job Planning

We meet with you and Conduct Pre-Job Planning:

Successful jobs begin long before IPR, Ltd shows up. To ensure your job goes smoothly, we perform the following.

Planning Session:

Our project superintendent and estimator meet with you, your project representative and your on-site manager, to conduct a pre-job planning session. Together we’ll create a phased work schedule that accommodates traffic, parking, garbage pick-up, and your tenants needs.

Service & Utility Notification:

We send advance notification of the job start and end dates to utilities, garbage collection services, and postal services. Prior to the date work begins, we notify your landscaper to turn off the irrigation service, and, just in case, identify a towing company.

Tenant Notification

Before the job begins we post announcements and notify your tenants so they can plan accordingly and minimize disruptions to their schedules.


We post signs prominently on the job site, alerting tenants and visitors to the proposed job start. We provide proper traffic control to make sure the work zone is safely cordoned off.


We work closely with your facility’s security service to keep them posted. Our on-site superintendent is available for any questions or problems that might arise.

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