Shopping Centers

A safe place to park means a better place to shop!!

IPR, Ltd performs asphalt repairs and Slurry Seal for retail centers, regional malls and strip malls.

A business makes a first impression long before the customer walks in the door. It starts with the parking lot. Customers who can’t park don’t buy. Your store needs uninterrupted customer access. That’s why IPR, LTD assigns an on-site construction superintendent to personally contact your facilities manager about day-by-day sequencing. We deliver color-coded maps, detailed project plans and provide your people with our key contact phone numbers for constant communication. IPR can provide a maintenance plan that can double the life of your pavement and an provide a warranty that guarantees our work for one year.

IPR, LTD prepares a comprehensive project plan designed for minimum customer inconvenience and rapid turnaround. As part of our tried and true construction process, we will:

    Develop project plans that break your parking lot into manageable sections.

    Work in advance to alert customers to temporary closures.

    Offer clearly-marked safe parking alternatives.

    Put in place traffic control systems and professional flaggers.

    Schedule work areas that can switch from peak congestion to rear lots.

    Result: you get a properly paved, sealed parking lot with minimum disruption.




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