Asphalt Repairs


Expert maintenance requires on target assessments of surface conditions and a prompt response so that small problems do not become large ones. This attention to detail can reduce surface aging and result in substantial cost savings over the life of any pavement structure. IPR, Ltd works with you to ensure that the right application is provided and the smallest details are attended to. This commitment to quality it what keeps customers coming back to IPR, Ltd year after year.

Full Depth Repairs

All edges will be jack hammered, saw-cut or machine milled. We will make arrangement for disposal of excavated materials. The underlying material to remain in place shall be re-compacted to 95%. After compaction and prior to the placing of Asphalt , the vertical edges of the existing pavement will receive a tack coat of Liquid Asphalt Binder.

4″ Full-depth AC Pavement Repair Detail

Asphalt  will be installed in two lifts, unless otherwise directed, of no less than 1 inch or greater than 3 inches in thickness (compacted). Total thickness of asphalt patch will be indicated on the bid proposal.

IPR, Ltd will furnish equipment capable of producing the required compaction of 93%. The surface, when completed will be smooth, dense, well bonded, and of a uniform texture and appearance. The finished edges will be tack coated with Liquid Asphalt and sanded, to prevent tracking, unless the area is to receive a Sealcoat or Slurry Seal.

IPR, Ltd will provide sufficient cones, barricades and other devices to guide traffic, protect the public, and ensure a safe work zone.

4″ Digout

Asphalt will comply with all the requirements specified in the New Mexico State Standard Specifications. The grade of Asphalt to be used will be AR4000 viscosity graded asphalt type A or B, 1/2 inch Maximum Medium Gradation, unless otherwise specified.


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