Spray Patching


The most cost effective and permanent patching method availible. Unlike conventional remove and replace or cold mix patching, Spray Injection Patching involves less man-power, less equipment and is open to traffic immediately AND is PERMANENT. When other patching methods fail, Spray Injection lasts the longest.

How it Works

IPR Spray Patching System uses forced air to clean the pothole surface, then tacks the area with heated oil. Finally, oil coated chips are driven into the hole through a single pneumatic hose filling the depression from the bottom up. finally a clean layer of aggregate is applied to the top surface, ready to open to traffic.

The Spay Patching system is especially suited for the following applications:

Pothole repair
♦ Leveling cupped cracks
♦ Sealing alligatored areas
♦ Road preparation prior to sealcoating
♦ Spalled concrete joints



Compared to other patching methods, spray injection patching last longer.




Step #1, Tack defective area and spray coated rock.



Step #2, Squeegee injected area.

Step #3, Add dry aggregate to the top of repaired patch.



Step #4, Tamp patch to compaction.



Final repaired patch.



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