Wide Crack Repair


IPR GAP Material



IPR Gap has been specifically designed for cracks too large for crack sealing and distressed surfaces that are too small for re-paving. It is a versatile hot-applied, pourable, self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt binder containing selected aggregate to ensure good load bearing and skid resistant characteristics. Available in several grades for various applications.

Mastics have proven themselves to be an effective solution for many common pavement maintenance issues including:

Wide Cracks

The single most-damaging pavement defect is cracks, because cracks allow water to penetrate the base beneath the surface. When water gets beneath the surface, it eventually causes greater and more widespread cracking, potholes, and eventually general pavement failure. Constant exposure to sun and rain is pavement’s greatest enemy. Oxidation from the sun causes shrinkage and separation of the asphalt surface. Once that happens, rainwater will penetrate the pavement subsurface and soften it. Without prompt attention, areas around the pavement will also begin to fail. As a result of increased oxidation, the main crack will only get larger. The result: cracks, potholes, and costly repairs. 


Crack sealing from IPR, Ltd will prevent the deterioration of the subbase pavement from infiltration of water and debris. The thorough cleaning of affected areas and the application of crack sealant will prevent further erosion of the surface and damage to the structural support of the pavement. Crack sealing material is designed to expand and shrink allowing for year-round performance.

IPR, Ltd’s ensures that cracks are noticed early and treated before they spread causing costly repairs.









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